A Recital Invitation from Jonathan and Cynthia

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Dear St. Jude Family,

Cynthia and I are excited to invite each of you to our upcoming recitals. Cynthia's Junior Recital will feature all 4 of Chopin's Ballades (sans intermission), and because it's been scheduled now, she doesn't have a choice. If any of you have been wondering about Cynthia's playing, this is a really fantastic opportunity for you to hear what she does with her time — when I'm not wasting it.

I know many of you might be familiar with my playing, when I'm not bound by the tyrannical rule of notes on a page, but this is an opportunity for you to hear me at my most uncomfortable — aside from when Will makes me play in the key of F#...

Cynthia and I have spent a better part of our relationship church hunting, and in this regard Dallas seems to offer ample opportunity for disappointment. However, we knew from our first Sunday visiting that St. Jude was our church, and we want you all to know how thankful we are for each of you — even if I have to ask Cynthia what your names are after meeting you for the third time each month.

~Jonathan and Cynthia


My recital will be at 2pm on April 6th and it will last about an hour. My Mammy claims there will be food afterwards, but she spent a lot of my childhood making similar promises.

Location: O'Donnell Recital Hall
6101 Bishop Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75205


  • Brahms Scherzo (Dr. David Mead,
  • Rachmaninoff Piano Trio No. 1 (Cynthia Gu on piano, and Caelan Sun on cello)
  • Intermission (my personal favorite)
  • Franck Sonata for violin and piano (Dr. David Mead, piano)

Cynthia's recital will be at 6pm on April 6th and it will last about 40

Location: Caruth Auditorium
6101 Bishop Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75205


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