Because I Wanted To...

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“How’s your new job?”

 If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this question the last two months, I would be able to take us all out for the Smooth Operator at Emporium. After fumbling through several poorly crafted responses, I developed my go-to phrase, “I went from a job I knew how to do and was good at, to a job I’m not sure how to do, and I’m not even sure I’ll be good at it.” Inevitably, the follow-up lobs my way “So, why did you do it?” As a smile creeps in from the corners, my mouth spills, “Because I wanted to.”

 A few months ago I was minding my own business at Watermark Community Church. We had just wrapped up the spring semester of Women’s Bible Study, and I started writing next year’s curriculum while dreaming about how to take the ministry to greater heights. I loved my ministry and those in my ministry. Then, as He often does, God flicked my ear. He wanted to show me an incredible opportunity with a church called St Jude Oak Cliff.

I started meeting with Mart and Isaac, praying daily, and discussing the opportunity with my closest friends and family. I found myself wondering, “How does a person make a decision like this? How do I know it’s time to leave something I love for something so…unknown?” God flicked again.

 During a coffee with Mart, he told me, “Come to Oak Cliff because you want to be a part of it. Don’t worry if you should come, the only should is that you should love God and love people. Come because you want to.” So, I asked myself, do I want this? God flicked again.

 One night as I was driving into Oak Cliff to attend a house party, I crossed over I-30 and my heart jumped a bit. Something happens when I come to the Cliff. Maybe it’s the murals showcasing the past and communicating hope for the future, maybe it’s the medley of image bearers reminding me of the diversity of God, or maybe it’s the smell of masa coming from the taqueria betraying my addiction to tacos, but I love Oak Cliff.

 When I see folks walking their dogs, cutting their grass, or stopping at the QuikTrip on Zang for a hotdog (a favorite of mine…no shame), I think to myself: I want to love these people and tell them about God. I want to remind them how much God loves them. I want to share a meal with them. I want them to teach me how to make tamales. I want…to be here.


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