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Hey Friends, Nika here. If you’ve ever taken a TAP class with me, then you know I like to assign final projects of sorts to drive home what God taught us in our classes. We have been dazzled by poems, recipes, musical scores, stories, and children’s books just to name a few. The goal of Christian instruction should always be worship, and my students never fail to capture that.

At the end of the recent Amos class, I had each person write a short piece of prophecy. The piece would include basic components of prophecy we find in Scripture: author, references to time, audience, accusations against the audience (which also tell us what makes God mad and grieved), consequences if they continue, opportunities for repentance, reminders of God’s faithfulness, and hope for the future. The assignment also gave my students a chance to provide personal flair, showcase writing prowess, and give a peek at what burdens them. One gal, Julia Geyer, soared with this assignment. After sharing with the class, they returned their appreciation with applause and praise. Mart and I decided to capture her letter and share with you all.

I hope through Julia’s words you will see a picture of love, grace, and justice as the prophets of old also showed us. Thank you for sharing this with us, JG!

“Words by Julia, daughter of Mark and Susan, granddaughter of Fred, Jane, Mac and Wilda, writing in the year of our Lord 2019 to the nation who mistakes tolerance for love. You are teaching your fellow man and future generations to be rootless and lost. To be without compass or tether. Woe to you who have forgotten that you were created and that you belong. You are God's. You are not tetherless and are not lost to your own reinvention. The burden is not on you to find your identity. You are known. Repent and return from your confusion and find respite and root in the Lord. That's where freedom lies. Making it up as you go along is not freedom. It is endless wheel-spinning. Find rest in the Lord or wander eternally. Whoever you are today, the Lord is ready to receive you. Come as you are.”


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