Discovering Jesus from Beginning to End

Also called the narrative lectionary, these are messages where we'll take a look at a passage from the Old Testament, a passage from the New Testament, and see how they both point to Jesus.


Worship Service Resources

Find this week's Scriptures, song lyrics, and more. 


Theology Automatic for the People

Theology Automatic for the People (also known as TAP) is the name for St. Jude's theology classes taught by our very own Resident Theologian, Nika Spaulding. Check out our TAP page to see any upcoming classes, or this section of our audio library to see TAP class audio recordings, or this YouTube playlist to see our video TAP classes. 



The SJOC blog is where members and attendees can share their perspectives with the world. Have a story, testimony, or thinkpiece you'd like to share? We want to publish it on the SJOC blog! If this sounds like your cup of tea, email with ideas.


Book Recommendations

At St Jude Oak Cliff, we believe the trinity deserves the highest honor and glory. One of the many ways humans have sought to bring about that honor and glory is through the written word. Since we have been deeply encouraged, provoked, corrected, instructed, and comforted through literature, we thought we would share some of the books that have impacted our lives and the lives of God's people throughout history. 


Testimonies of Rescue

Hear from members of SJOC as they share their journeys of faith, and how God has worked through their lives.