Theology Automatic for the People


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What is theology automatic for the people?

Theology comes from the two root words theos (God) and ology (study of). So, at its most basic meaning, theology is simply the study of God. This makes everyone a theologian. 

Sadly, throughout much of history and in many places still today, the discipline of theology climbed to the top of ivory towers where only trained theologians were allowed to lay claim to this practice. Ridiculousness. If AW Tozer rightly observed that "what comes to mind when we think about God is the most important thing about us," then theology belongs to the people, not just the highly trained. 

At St Jude Oak Cliff, we believe Theology Automatic for the People is our way of making theology accessible to everyone. Theology because we want to study God, and Automatic for the People because R.E.M. knew what Weaver D's Delicious Fine Food in Athens, GA already knew: if you have something quality, give it away.