Mercy unto you, peace and love be multiplied.

Jude 2

God is for you. When we say God, we mean:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Welcome to St Jude Oak Cliff

Sunday, April 5th:

Tune in on Instagram at 10:45 am for a live welcome, prayer, and announcements. The sermon will be emailed.

All Are Welcome

SJOC Sermons While We Shelter in Place

In lieu of gathering and preaching, our pastors are recording messages for us to access online. To listen to their sermons, click on the links below:

3/29: Sabbathing Without Our Idols

3/22: God Is With Us As He Re-Purposes Suffering

3/15: Non-Anxious Presence With the God of the Cosmos



SJOC's Devotions for Lent 2020

If you're thinking to yourself, you know what...I still want to Lent. I still want to spend this season, though it will look different, I still want it to be one of fasting so that I can feast. Well, we've got a devotional for you. Simply click here and you will find St Jude's Lent devotional--a compilation of resources Mart has put together over the years. We offer this as a source of peace in a world of chaos. Love to you all. So much love.

A Brief Introduction to DB Hart’s book, “The Doors of the Sea”

Here is a brief introduction by Pastor Martin to DB Hart’s book, “The Doors of the Sea."  A note from Pastor Martin: "It’s a great book on the reality of suffering and the reality of God. I’m doing 15 minute summaries. This is number 1 of 4." Feel free to watch and discuss with your homegroup, other SJOC members and attendees, or anyone, really!


Watch Our TAP Class on Being Saved By Grace, then Join Us Live on 4/7!

Click the video above to watch and listen to the new episode. Then, on Tuesday night, 4/7, we'll gather over Zoom. Love to you all from my (shelter in) place to yours! ~Nika

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