Mercy unto you, peace and love be multiplied.

Jude 2

God is for you. When we say God, we mean:
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Welcome to St Jude Oak Cliff

Holy Week Services

During Holy Week, Nika and Martin will teach at brown bag lunches for Cliff Temple. Monday (4/15) from 12-1pm Nika will speak, and Friday (4/19) from 12-1pm, Mart will speak. Then, Friday night from 6-7pm, we will have a Good Friday service in our normal Fellowship Hall.

Dates and times:
4/15 (Monday) - 12-1pm - Nika teaching at Cliff Temple
4/19 (Friday) - 12-1pm - Martin teaching at Cliff Temple
4/19 (Friday) - 6-7pm - St. Jude Oak Cliff's Good Friday Service

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