Change of rooms for worship this weekend! 

Posted by Nika Spaulding on

Quick reminder that we're changing rooms this weekend to accommodate our friends at Cliff Temple. 

Instead of worshipping in the Fellowship Hall, we are going to gather in the Chapel. If you look at the map, you'll notice it is NOT the large sanctuary space. Instead, the chapel is on the southwest corner of the building. 

If the weather is nice, feel free to walk on the outside of the building and enter through the side doors. But, if it's icky, come through our normal doors and we will have greeters to show you the way. 

The parking lot and nursery area will stay the same. 

One final note, it is Daylight Savings this weekend, so be sure to either change your alarm clocks if you're still living in the 90's, or trust that your smartphone will automatically update through the night. Just don't let that microwave fool you during breakfast.

Okay, recap: We love Cliff Temple, we are excited to worship in the chapel, many roads lead to the chapel, so come and be guided, enjoy your extra hour of sleep. 


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