Mar 31, 2019 | Nika Spaulding

Good Work

Key passages are Genesis 1:26-31, and Matthew 25:31-40.

Nika and Martin want to visit you while you work for God!

Whether that means stopping by your office where you work your white collar job, your school campus where you're studying or teaching, your home as you care for your children full-time, the home of the family member you take care of, your office where you see patients, your farm where you raise pygmy goats, anywhere you're working, healing, teaching, creating, leading, nurturing, and more . They want to be there and fellowship with you.

Fill out the form below, and they'll reach out to schedule a quick visit.

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Type in the contact information that you'd prefer to use when scheduling Nika and Martin's visit. If you type in a phone number, they'll reach out via text. If you type in an email address, they'll shoot you an email instead.

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Share as much or as little as you feel like sharing! Could literally just be two words if you wanted.

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