Jul 14, 2019 | Martin Ban

Part 11: Centrifugal Jesus Food

Scripture passage is Luke 19:1-27.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Everything we receive is a gift and for it to stay a gift, we have to give it away. What does it mean to give the gift of yourself away
  2. How do you respond when you encounter people like Zacchaeus? Do you respond like Jesus or the crowd? How should we respond?
  3. Have the followers of Jesus ever kept you away from the person of Jesus?
  4. Jesus loves and likes everyone. Jesus wants to spend time with everyone because he made them and he finds them interesting. Do you ever underestimate God’s love for you? Or for others? Why?
  5. How can you share and multiply the gifts God has given you with others around you? Ask your home group to hold you accountable to sharing your gifts with others and affirming gifts in others.
  6. Is your allegiance to politics or country stronger than to the Triune God? How? Why is this problematic? Take time to repent and ask God for a right ordering of your allegiance.
  7. Where do you need to have patience with God in your own life? Spend time praying about this.

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