Jul 28, 2019 | Martin Ban

Part 13: Food Swap

Scripture passage is Luke 22:14-21.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Consider the perspective that Jesus, the sinless Son of God took on a body that was broken and fallen and yet did not sin. How does this give you a new perspective of Jesus’ ability to empathize with you?
  2. Our instinct to rebel against God and give in to temptation is within our bodies but Jesus came and saved from the inside out. What is difficult about this Truth? What about this brings hope?
  3. What parts of you do you want healed? Consider that Jesus has done that already.
  4. God’s work of Salvation began the moment Jesus came to earth, not just on Good Friday. What, then, does that reveal about the life of Christ?
  5. Jesus loves us so much and is not ashamed to call us sisters and brothers. He took on your story. What are shame messages you receive and believe? Remind one another of who the Triune God says you are. Speak Truth into the shaming messages shared and pray for one another.
  6. Discuss this Truth: you are saved by faith in Jesus but also by the faith of Jesus.
  7. Spend time thanking God for the gift of a Savior who took on all of our stories without sin and beat death and hell on the cross.

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