Aug 04, 2019 | Martin Ban

Part 14: Bread & Knowing

Scripture passage is Luke 24:13-35.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Theology is like food because both are meant to nourish us. Where do you find most of your nourishment during the week?

  2. Martin’s professor said to him after hearing Martin preach, “Thank you for giving me Jesus tonight.” Who has given you Jesus throughout your life? How did they impact you?

  3. In Luke 24 we see humility and maturity go hand in hand as the men learned from Jesus. Why are humility and maturity connected? What can you learn from this example?

  4. Knowledge is relationship. To know God you have to be willing to be in relationship with God. How do you struggle with this? How do you know this is true from your own experience?

  5. How have you idolized knowledge as information? How can we move from this false belief into the belief that knowledge is relationship?

  6. What is real knowledge? Who do you know that embodies these qualities?

  7. Are you willing to be changed for the sake of the Truth? Why or why not? Ask God and your community for help. “God if you’re there, I’m willing to be changed by you.”

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