May 26, 2019 | Martin Ban

Part 4: Pharisee Burger #1

Key passage is Luke 7:36-50.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany might be the same person. Some scholars believe after her rebellious season in the town of  Magdalena she met Jesus and got a new name. God has a tendency of renaming people: Abram—> Abraham, Jacob —> Israel, Simon—> Peter, Levi —> Matthew. What new name has God given you? Do you believe what God says about you?
  2. Simon the Pharisee should have shown Jesus the hospitality that Mary showed him. Simon the religious leader has God in his home, but showed him disdain. What does this reveal about the kind of people God elevates?
  3. In an ironic twist, Simon the leper realizes that the one who has been given much has much to be thankful for. Yet, he doesn’t realize his debt like Mary does. Do you realize the depth of your debt that you owed God? Take time to reflect on what God did for you when he vanquished your debt through Christ.
  4. Faith is always practiced. Sometimes when Mart’s faith is weak is when he stops talking to God. Do you see a correlation between your faith and time spent with God? How can your home group encourage you to talk to God?
  5. Mary trusted Jesus to do what she couldn’t do for herself. Faith is a simple thing, believing God did and does what He says He did and will do. How’s your faith? Are you more like Mary or more like Simon right now?

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