Apr 21, 2019 | Martin Ban

Practice Resurrection: Mad Farmers in Dialogue

Key passage is John 20:1-22. Poem read was Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front by Wendell Berry.

Sermon Discussion Questions

  1. When is a time that your feet had more faith than your head and heart? Encourage one another with Truth.
  2. “Patience with others is love. Patience with yourself is hope. Patience with God is faith.” What is your response to this? How do you see this in your life and the lives of other believers around you?
  3. John takes us back to the first garden in order to see that the new garden, the new Adam is standing alive! What does this mean for the people of God?
  4. The first thing Jesus says to his disciples is “peace” as if to say “we’re good.” He says the same thing to us. What hope does that give you as you consider your life? In light of this text, what then are we called to do in relationships with others?
  5. When we encounter death and decay we move in because we believe life can come from it. How are you in the humus right now? What joy have you found in the work to be done there? If you aren’t, how can you move into it? Ask for accountability from your home group.
  6. Consider your life and this world. What are things you know will last in that third garden? Celebrate and thank God for them today!
  7. Your value is because you are made in the image of God. Not in anything you produce or bring to the table. Speak that over one another and sit in that for just a few silent moments.

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